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Troublemaker now available

If you missed out on the presale, you can now pick up Trouble Maker from CD Baby.
Donnie says
First we wanna say "Thank You to those who already got the song by helping us with donations for some of the expense. Also for respecting the wish that it not be shared. After reconsideration we decided that it's a proper last Enuff Z-Nuff song for the fans, (from us former members) that deserves to be heard before our newest ventures. This is not " part of my new record. This is "Getting High on an Old Thing"
>> Get your copy of Trouble Maker Here <<

Donnie And Mike on the new Album

David Ward of 'Musicians on the Record' chat through the new album progress with Donnie and Producer extraordinaire Mike Tholen. You can listen to a longer and more indepth interview here

Trouble Maker is here

Be the first to hear the new Trouble Maker track! Trouble Maker is a new song featuring Erik Donner (ex Enuff Z'Nuff), Johnny Monaco (ex Enuff Z'Nuff) and Donnie Vie (ex Enuff Z'Nuff) and has a sound many will find familiar. We're just putting the finishing touches to the track and its sounding awesome. To get it in your ears as soon as possible, click on the link below to pre-order for $2 and as soon as it's done we'll mail you the track to your paypal email address.

This is probably going to be the only way to get this track so you DO NOT want to miss it.

Pre-Order Trouble Maker

Cover Photo Submission Deadline

For pledgers that have pledged to have a photo on the cover art, if you have not submitted your photo yet, we will need everyone to send to submit their photos by Sunday, July 1. Please submit your photo(s) with your pledge confirmation number to the following email address: dvbeautifulthings@gmail.com

Album Pledge Fully Funded

Donnies' pledge has sailed past its target and its all hands to the pump to get the new album recorded. There's still plenty of time to get in on the action and grab yourself some exclusive offers. PledgeMusic.com/DonnieVie has all the details.

New Album Pledge Launched

You may have noticed Donnie has a new album in the works. Head on over to PledgeMusic.com/DonnieVie and find out whats happening and how you can get involved.

It's time to Rock Out Wit Yer Clock Out

Don and Lou's long awaited first release is finally avaliable. Ladies and Gentlemen we present for you 'Guilt N Shame - International Jagoffs'. Featuring hits such as 'Butterface Love' and 'Toilet Paper Horses' it'll make a perfect gift for the love of your life, Valentines Day is coming after all. Get it while its hawt!

T-Shirts Now In Stock

T-shirts are now online. Click the link to the right to head on over to our merchandise page for a choice of designs. The perfect gift this Christmas is a gift of McCok!

Donnie will be playing a hometown show next month in Chicago with Phil Angotti. The show is on Friday Nov 10th at Gman Tavern (next door to Metro). Doors 8.30pm, concert will start 9.30. $12 on the door, $10 advance tickets avaliable here. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Video Vie

Over the next few weeks Donnie will be posting some new videos, kicking back at home and doing what he does best. Keep an eye on the videos page or head over to youtube and subscribe to keep up to date.

Message from Donnie

Just showing props to one of the talents in out newly forming arsenal. Lee stokes is my go to guy for every crazy idea (poor Lee), and José Mendez‎, whose illustration (below) inspired the idea for a new record. Starting from the beginning (Catholic Girls, New Thing, Fly High Michelle) all the way to present day, with all the milestones along the way where I felt I had evolved as a writer/singer/musician. The album will including brand new stuff that I'm excited about. I always maintained a policy of "if it isn't to next level from the previous, I wouldn't release it.." now I'm in that zone again. So I'm curious to see if folks agree. " A Trip Through Donnie Vie" should be ready fairly soon. I just have find a way for people to hear it. Lee has also designed a cool visual map of all 23 records (EZ-N,& Solo) with crazy photos throughout, that with the songs really stir some memories.

A Trip Through Donnie Vie

We're also working on the new guilt n shame song. Folks have inquired about us writing something that rocks. We figured how hard could it be? Then "Commando" was born. Reaching new highs while stooping to new lows simultaneously!
- Donnie

Guilt And Shame T-shirts

By popular demand ---- get your Guilt N Shame T-Shirts - Rock out with Ya Clock Out.
Drawn by the great Lee Stokes - $20.00 Size - S, M, L, XL - contact us over on facebook for additional sizes.



Donnie can now also be found over at ReverbNation. You can check it out here http://donnievie.reverbnation.com/

Guilt And Shame - It's happening!

By popular request, keep up with more videos from Donald (The Pipes) Guilt and Lou (The Brains) Shame over in the new Video section. Refusing the record deals being waved under their nose daily by the big publishers so they can bring you the music direct to your ears, check out the hot new sound sweeping the nation.

Exclusive Video : Donnie Vie and Lou Man Group

Hot off the press, here is a first look at Donnies exiting new collaboration with The Lou Man Group - Hay Is For Horses

A Message from Donnie


I've been busy taking time healing and spending time with family. I've made many changes in my life and with "Happy Days" means happy songs.

As an artist, my goal has always been to make sure the next album is better than the last and when the songs are there, they keep pouring out.

Stay tuned for the next DV album. This guy is not finished!!!


Candybag - Featuring Donnie And Baz


Candybag is a musical project of Vincenzo Adduci, helped by some great musicians who also happen to meet the definition of good friends. They offer a peculiar kind of power-pop influenced by italian melodies from the '60s other than the genre's international classics. Since the project just started, its history is being made right now.

Italian band Candybag's 'EP Ending' CD features V8's Donnie Vie (Enuff Z'nuff) and Baz Francis (Magic Eight Ball) on the song 'Nun S' Po Fa Sta Vita' (with further narration from Francis on that track), and a spoken word introduction from Vie on the opener, 'Piccolo Ingombrante'.

Candybag - EP Ending

  1. Piccolo ingombrante (feat. Donnie Vie)
  2. Jerking off a new sensation
  3. Tutti i lunedÏ
  4. Violini anche per me
  5. Primadipartire
  6. Nun s' po fa sta vita (feat. Donnie Vie & Baz Francis)
  7. Preservativo per il cuore
  8. Ulnar nerve (feat. Madness Circus)

RELEASE DATE: 14th March 2016
PURCHASE IN DUE COURSE THROUGH: www.facebook.com/candybagmusic

Donnie Vie - !

A Collection of Solo Rarities - Out Monday, 18th January 2016

With the prolific nature of Donnie's talent, it always amazes me what he considers an 'out-take'. Sometimes circumstances just prevent that extra song from being on one of his records, and other times gems just get forgotten along the way. Being in the privileged position that we are, Lewis John and I found ourselves in the care of material that fits into the above categories, and returning to an idea I suggested to Donnie several years ago, we have compiled his latest rarities collection, '!'.

The title was my idea; a reference to Donnie's former band Enuff Z'nuff's '?' compilation, and a nod to my own emphatic feelings about his continued musical journey. This digital record is almost like a bonus disc to both 'The White Album' and 'Goodbye : Enough Z'nuff', as that is the era from which 9 of these 10 songs originate. Diamonds in the rough, but diamonds all the same. Then to top it all off, we present you with Donnie’s extremely talented niece Maddie Benjamin performing her uncle’s tribute to her Mum (and his sister, Amie), making this a family affair for us all to enjoy.

With love in a happy new year, Baz Francis (December 2015).


Donnie Vie - !

  1. Better Love Next Time (Alternate Version)
  2. Alone With Destiny (Out-take)
  3. New Sky Coming (Out-take)
  4. Protected (Out-take)
  5. Strength (Acoustic Session)
  6. Sanibel Island (Acoustic Session)
  7. The Way Home (Live)
  8. Time To Let You Go (Live)
  9. In My Life (Live)
  10. Innocence (performed by Maddie Benjamin)

New Single incoming from Mrs Vandevelde's little boy.

Mrs Vandevelde

As I mentioned last week, Donnie, Lewis and I combined our various personality nuances once more this summer and became a group of sorts called V8. We'd previously worked together on Donnie's solo work, then mine and Donnie's recent live EP, but this latest song from our team was something else. What came out of nowhere from mine and Lewis's talented friend was a new single of Costello rhythm and soul, and we folded in around him to provide our own touches and ensure that what the listener would be getting is maximum danceability!

Also making it's début on vinyl for our forthcoming release is 'You're My Favourite Thing To Do' from mine and Donnie's concert EP, 'V8 Live In Europe 2015', as that was where the V8 moniker was born, and so far it is us two who have been the gigging front of this new adventure in sound.

But what is this new A-Side though? Well, it is an ode to Donnie's Mum, Karen, sung with a pinch of salt yet a whole lotta love; very much in honour of the lady in question. With the fantastic support of Mitchell Edmond at Dharma Bucks Records then, in late February 2016 we shall present for your listening pleasure our exclusive new single on 7" vinyl and downloads, that which is from hereon in to be known to the world as 'Mrs Vandevelde'.

Happy holidays and see you soon.

Love Baz (England, 22nd December 2015).

V8 Live in Europe Out Now

Magic Cat Records Limited proudly presents... Donnie Vie & Baz Francis 'V8 Live In Europe 2015' EP!

"the shows - which saw Baz open, and then accompany Donnie - were bottled-up examples of subtle genius" - Rob Watkins (Uber Rock)

You can order the CD version here:

US Customers ($8.88)

Rest of the World (£5.00)


New EP

Hi guys!

I am happy to say that as mentioned a while back, Donnie's and my next release together will be our live EP from 'The White Album Tour' in the summer. Mixing and mastering got completed by Lewis John​ last night, and we are all set for a 30th November release date on CD and download sites such as iTunes and Amazon.

The release features us performing 2 songs of Donnie's together acoustically, then me singing 2 of my own tunes from the Magic Eight Ball​ catalogue, and you can Pre-Order the CD now

Now you can also see the artwork too, which comes courtesy of the talented lensman Sergio Guirado​. Please not that numbers are limited of the physical version. On behalf of DV and I, we hope that you enjoy it however you hear it.

Much love, Baz x

P.S. Publications wishing to review this release, please send a message to: igetastrangemagic@gmail.com and MP3s will be sent out to you.

Donnie Vie​ & Baz Francis​: 'V8 LIVE IN EUROPE 2015'The Best Of Donnie Vie

  1. You're My Favourite Thing To Do
  2. How Are You?
  3. What Happened In '92
  4. Russian Ballet (Русский балет)

Baz Checking In

Hey guys, Baz here. Just checking in to let you know that Lewis and I are currently in the final stages of mixing Donnie's and my new live EP from the White Album Tour. It will have 2 of DV's songs and 2 of mine from the Magic Eight Ball catalogue, and it will be coming out on Magic Cat Records before the end of the year as both a CD and download.

There will then be a new single from us under our collaborative one name, V8. That will be a download-only and will hopefully bring smiles to your faces too. On behalf of Donnie and I, thank you for all the support you show us and all the pages you run that promote our collective causes. Big love to you all, Baz x

The Best Of Donnie Vie

Available digitally this coming week, on Tuesday, 22nd September 2015 Donnie Vie releases his solo career-spanning ‘The Best of Donnie Vie’ through online retailers. Featuring 17 albums cuts, this compilation also contains 4 previously unreleased recordings, 3 of which feature Baz Francis of Magic Eight Ball.

UPDATE: You can now buy the album from iTunes here.

The Best of Donnie Vie. The Best Of Donnie Vie

  1. Spider Web
  2. Forever
  3. I'll Go On
  4. That's What Love Is
  5. Wasting Time
  6. Wrapped Around My Middle Finger
  7. Wunderland
  8. Now Ya Know
  9. Flames Of Love
  10. I Won't Let You Down
  11. For Your Pleasure
  12. Light Shine On
  13. Better Love Next Time
  14. My Love
  15. Unforsaken
  16. You're My Favourite Thing To Do
  17. Almost Home
  18. Victory (Demo)
  19. Habit (Live)
  20. My Dear Dream (UK Session)
  21. Time To Let You Go (UK Session)

V8 Single Sold Out

Due to popular demand, the tour batch of Donnie and Baz's custom 'V8' CD single has SOLD OUT already. With there being no time for the guys to run off more copies whilst on the road, if you would still like your copy of this exclusive 2-track single then here's what to do...

  1. Download the 2 songs and artwork from this link over the next week:
  2. Print the artwork image attached onto a thin 13.5cm x 13.5cm card.
  3. Bring your CD and cover to a show, and for a reduced rate of £2/€2 the boys will sign and customise your single for you.

Following the Eight Ball

If you've caught Donnie out on tour and wanting to find out more about his partner in harmony Baz Francis and his band Magic Eight Ball, here's where you can find more information.

Tour Bracelets

Donnie - Austin Recovery
Donnie - Austin Recovery's Alumni

Donnie and Baz are currently zooming around the UK on the first leg of the White Album Tour. They have with them tour bracelets, both black and white bracelets are available for $2.00 each.

For every $2.00 you spend, $1.00 will be donated to the SIMS FOUNDATION which provides access to financial support for mental health and addiction recovery to musicians and their family members. SIMS clinicians can provide short-term counselling and match you to one of 70+ therapists, psychiatrists, or addiction recovery partners within SIMS Provider Network for ongoing treatment.

Please consider purchasing a tour bracelet and help support a foundation that has helped many addiction inflicted persons, including Donnie Vie himself. Buy your bracelet here. You can also donate to the SIMS Foundation in Donnies name, here

Donnie and Baz Tour Bracelet

The Tour is almost here!

Not long now till Donnie and Baz hit the UK. Here is our Limited Edition merchandise for The White Album Tour, both available at the shows:

EXCLUSIVE V8 2-TRACK CD (to be signed upon request) - £3


The White Album UK Tour 2015

Donnie will once again be touring the UK, this time in support of the White Album. Baz Francis of Magic Eight Ball will also be joining Donnie again providing support and harmonies.

  • 19th August - Bannermans, Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • 22nd August - The Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill (Northern Ireland)
  • 27th August - Golden Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield (England)
  • 28th August - TBC, Ebbw Vale (Wales)
  • 29th August - Crowleys Rock Bar, Swansea (Wales)
  • 31st August - The Iron Road, Evesham (England)
  • 2nd September - Hard Rock Cafe, Firenze (Italy)
  • 3rd September - Bravo Caffè, Bologna (Italy)
  • 10th September - Pacific Rock, Cergy (France)

The White Album

Donnie will be releasing his brand new solo album on December 1st 2014

The White Album

The double CD album being released by Cargo Records contains 17 all new classic Vie cuts as well as versions of the Chicago classic '25 or 6 to 4' and John Lennon's 'Imagine'.

Track Listing:

Disc 1

  1. I Wanna Do It to You
  2. Handy Dandy
  3. For Your Pleasure
  4. Happy Days
  5. Crash and Burn
  6. Light Shine On
  7. Better Love Next Time
  8. My Love
  9. When Will You Love Me Again
  10. Haunted
  11. Unforsaken

Disc 2

  1. 25 or 6 to 4 (Live)
  2. You’re My Favourite Thing To Do
  3. Almost Home
  4. Imagine
  5. Angel Eyes (Outtake)
  6. Without You (Outtake)
  7. Big Brother
  8. 08. Freaky Deaky

The album is avaliable to buy from Amazon