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Beautiful Things - Out Now

'Beautiful Things', Donnies new album is avaliable now. If you haven't heard it yet you could be listening to it at this very moment. What are you waiting for. The pledge is still open so head over to Pledge Music and take a look. If you've already pledged, it's there for you to download right now. If you haven't pledged yet, now is the perfect time and you'll be able to listen to this great new album within seconds. You still here?

The first single from 'Beautiful Things' is I Could Save The World

Hear the new single from Donnie's forthcoming album, and read more about it here.

Troublemaker now available

If you missed out on the presale, you can now pick up Trouble Maker from CD Baby.
Donnie says
First we wanna say "Thank You to those who already got the song by helping us with donations for some of the expense. Also for respecting the wish that it not be shared. After reconsideration we decided that it's a proper last Enuff Z-Nuff song for the fans, (from us former members) that deserves to be heard before our newest ventures. This is not " part of my new record. This is "Getting High on an Old Thing"
>> Get your copy of Trouble Maker Here <<

Donnie And Mike on the new Album

David Ward of 'Musicians on the Record' chat through the new album progress with Donnie and Producer extraordinaire Mike Tholen. You can listen to a longer and more indepth interview here

Trouble Maker is here

Be the first to hear the new Trouble Maker track! Trouble Maker is a new song featuring Erik Donner (ex Enuff Z'Nuff), Johnny Monaco (ex Enuff Z'Nuff) and Donnie Vie (ex Enuff Z'Nuff) and has a sound many will find familiar. We're just putting the finishing touches to the track and its sounding awesome. To get it in your ears as soon as possible, click on the link below to pre-order for $2 and as soon as it's done we'll mail you the track to your paypal email address.

This is probably going to be the only way to get this track so you DO NOT want to miss it.

Pre-Order Trouble Maker

Cover Photo Submission Deadline

For pledgers that have pledged to have a photo on the cover art, if you have not submitted your photo yet, we will need everyone to send to submit their photos by Sunday, July 1. Please submit your photo(s) with your pledge confirmation number to the following email address: dvbeautifulthings@gmail.com

Album Pledge Fully Funded

Donnies' pledge has sailed past its target and its all hands to the pump to get the new album recorded. There's still plenty of time to get in on the action and grab yourself some exclusive offers. PledgeMusic.com/DonnieVie has all the details.

New Album Pledge Launched

You may have noticed Donnie has a new album in the works. Head on over to PledgeMusic.com/DonnieVie and find out whats happening and how you can get involved.