Roll up. Roll up for the history tour.

Roll up. Roll up for the history tour.

No need for a reservation.

Consider this your invitation, my friends, to roll up whatever it is you are rolling up these days, and grab a ticket to ride the tragical history tour bus as we all Fly High on a NEW Thing!

I am Donnie Vie, but you may know me as the pretty little punk rocker in drag with the orange hair and spinning round glasses who wrote and sang Get High on a New Thing, Fly High Michelle, Baby Loves You, Right By Your Side, Mother's Eyes, and many other Enuff Z'Nuff classics.

I used to be Donald E. Van Develde, the eldest of three children hatched from depravity. Smothered in insecurities and tummies full of discouragement, we went to bed scared and desolate nearly every night, regardless if a parent was in the house or not. For ten years, I was alone, then came Amie, and shortly after, Katie arrived. Because of our trinity, no matter how isolated and lonely I became, I knew I would never be alone again. Katie received encouragement and validation for her fuckery simply for being the youngest and resembling our mother the most. Amie received practically no love, attention or direction: positive or negative. This left her the best candidate for a twisted mind but free to discover a world of her own in normalcy, having things like car insurance and a job and raising two children and raising them well in a rebellious fashion to the childhood and upbringing she didn't receive. Together, we were parents and children to each other.

Sometimes life looks at a child and says, "What a sweet boy, I think he needs a punch in the face." That's pretty much how my life was and is--literally and figuratively. So I walk, not alone, with many of you, my friends, my fans, loving life, all the while, simultaneously hating life. Come with me, share my story. Roll up as Katie translates my tragical history through the colorful lense of her innocent eyes that have seen so much evil, yet still remain so innocent.

Like most people my age diagnosed with various mental illnesses late in life, I self medicated and became a drug addict. I have always been equal opportunity when it comes to drugs. I'm a lover not a fighter. I've done so much heroin, Chicago could have used the tar to fill every pothole until the end of time. On the other side of the spectrum, I went as far as manufacturing methamphetamine. That just cuts out the middleman altogether. I've spent weeks awake at a time endlessly searching for drugs, selling my guitars, my memorabilia, my soul for just one more morsel of anything to postpone reality. I sat there so many drug-filled nights, tears streaming down my cheeks, using my pain to offer the possibility of help and hope to other lost souls out there caught in the same despair.

All of my life goes from one gamut to the other. I do not stay in one area for too long. Like I said: equal opportunity. That goes for sexual intercourse as well. I've had dark, crazy, wonderful, and not so wonderful sex with thousands of girls. Some deserving, many undeserving of the manipulation I have been capable of delving out. I've even had an affair with my business partner's wife. Although I claim guilt to that act of debauchery, there were many other factors to factor into the equation of how those things came to be. One of them being my own innocence, youth, insecurities and yearning for adoration by someone who is crafty, beautiful and intelligent as his first wife. I'm not proud of the atrocities I have committed; however, each one has led me to exactly this point in my life. Today, I stand before you, beaming from my accomplishments most of which have blossomed out of my great misfortunes.

I begin my tragical history tour with this blog of honey, so you know everything you will ever read here is sad but true...even the fun stuff. So, my friends, grab your vice and your device, and let us all Fly High on a NEW Thing!



  • Diana  
    Go Donnie!!!
  • Adam Epiney  
    I'm buckled in...let's go
  • Mike Meadows  
    Love the honesty and can't wait to read story after story about one of my favorite singer/songwriters...ever.
  • Brad Smith  
    Behind you all the way!!
  • keith martin  
    Cool man! Looking forward to it. Thanks for being you and giving us the best music ever! Roll on brother Don!
  • Kevin Placer  
    I've got my ticket. Let's go!
  • Mandy Kennedy  
    Very well written. Can't wait to see what next!
  • TinaMarie Jelley  
    You're awesome Donnie! So glad you're turning what could have killed you into your inspiration for great new music & a great new you! We love you & have your back always!
  • Larry  
    Always here for you my friend and rock idol
  • Tony DiCristofano  
    Donnie, I truly admire you for this. What you're doing takes courage. Good for you. I hope this will help you and make you stronger. You do realize (as with all other autobiographies); there's no sequels. That means you'll have to bare it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There will be someone who will challenge you and claim you're re-writing history. It won't matter. We all know you're were the one who always spoke from the heart.
  • Boyd  
    Sometimes the inside don’t line up with the out side so you twirl it around like a piece from a jigsaw puzzle until it fits.I hope you press hard enough to make it go in and don’t fuck up the path you’re about to travel.Ive been a fan but after the fact I think you guys Jipped yourselves in the whirlwind gather the pieces and get on with it despite what the odd makers might say you’re a talented sob you owe it to yourself and your fans
  • Tricia Moore  
    A fantastic start to another beautiful thing🦋. You're an incredibly gifted writer, baby Vie.
  • Kevin Urtz  
    Excited to be " Taken a Ride " with you ...I'm buckled up and ready for the ride ..Let's Go ! Can't wait for more
  • Nic Hartley  
    Very much looking forward to this blog and watching it develop as you pave your path once again. Rock on, my starry-eyed brother!
  • Kimberly Bennett  
    Looking forward to this journey with you Donnie! You will come out stronger than you ever thought you could be
  • Micky  
    The brutal honesty that has already begun just on the opener is simply amazing. Looking forward to taking this ride with you. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to discover so much healing in their own lives as they read how you're healing your own thru this story.
  • Karen Frasure  
    So ready to take this crazy ride on this love train! Donnie you are magical when comes to your music! Every song better than the last and leaves you longing for the next!!! Katie~you're an amazing writer! Always leave them wanting more as Donnie once told me and you nailed it!!
  • Jimmy  
    Bring it on V!
  • Mary  
    Donnie I always love reading your stories. Just as in your songs, you have a way with words. Katie too !
  • Kris  
    Donnie, someone once told me that our greatest songs come to us when we are at our saddest and happiest moments in life. From you recent posts I think you may be verge of some masterpieces that i hope you choose to share with us. It sounds like you are facing the crossroads of your past pain and your future happiness right now. I hope that you choose that path wisely.
    I know it hurts when people steal your songs. It is like they are reaching into you heart and stealing your emotions. Please make sure you don’t let them poison the caring and emotional person that you are. Choose to write beautiful, peaceful songs not ugly, hateful ones. Thank you for all the music you have shared with us.
  • Melissa Deans  
    You're an amazing person with such extreme talent. Spending time with you guys in the mid-nineties was some of the best memories of my life. Your struggles are heart-breaking but what you have done with the outcome is mind-boggling. You have my support 100%! Keep on keeping on!
  • Rachel Jo Patton  
    Donnie, I've known you for going on 30 years now. You've always so truthful, almost to a fault. All I can say is I'm SO happy you're still here. So many of us with similar drug problem or mental health issues are not. Keep it comin DV!
    Love ya to death!
  • Angela Sykora  
    It’s all happening! And it’s looking really, really great. ✌🏻💚😘
  • David Carney  
    I love the vibe of what you have going on here! Cant wait for the next installment!
  • MichelleRenee  
    Ready for the ride! Let’s go!! I had the opportunity to get to know you early in the ENuff Znuff years, driving you around in Chicago and Milwaukee, fun times, silly times, nothing dark. Good memories.
  • Dave Sturddy  
    I admire many things about you, but your brutal honesty is truly humbling.
    I feel like the best is still ahead of you and I am very much looking forward to sharing the ride. Love ya.
  • M. Staley  
    This is such a powerful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. You exhibit so much strength in addition to your creativity.
  • simon sheehan  
    looks like we are in for a sweet ride! i`m imagininyouare going to make the heroin diaries look like a walk in the park. cant wait!
  • Curtiss Peplinski  
    It's a healthy thing, to get it all out, to exorcise all the demons. I've loved your songs and your voice as long as I can remember and I can only say I relate, I empathize I'm proud of you. You're great Don and don't let the bastards get you down. No matter how hard they try. Peace be with you, Don E.
    You made me a changed man. For Good! Rise and shine like the star you are! Takes a strong man to be honest and let it out there. I for one am grateful! Long live Donnie Vie!

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